“The war took away my only young uncle from us …” Andre’s touching post

Singer Andre made a touching note. The singer posted his song “I don’t want a war” on his Facebook page and accompanied it with the following post:

“On April 2, 1992. The war took away from me my only young uncle, whose body was found in dismembered pieces 2 months later by my father with his Fida friends, and with a slightly burnt piece of clothing, my father found out that it was Vanik’s relic …

Two days later, my uncle was seriously wounded on the battlefield and was taken prisoner, and since Ago was very victorious, unfortunately, they did not manage to help him, we are still waiting for our hero …

April 2, 2016 We experienced that unrelenting pain again, because the cruel and relentless war immortalized our Heroes again …

I don’t want a war,
I don’t want mothers to cry
Let our children not know
What is war? ”

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