INTERVIEW. «I have been wanting to become a mother for several years. ” Ani Yeranyan’s sincere conversation

In “Interview” series, this time we hosted actress Ani Yeranyan in the “Interview” series, who this time spoke not just because she was going to Moscow because she was tired, but because of the psychological problems she had at that stage. about to visit

Ani talked about the stage of her childhood when she was upset with her father because he was far away. The fact that the actress is now very close to her brother was once jealous of her birth. “It seemed to me that my father would not love me anymore, because there is a child who will grow up with him,” said Ani and she told about the relationship between her mother and her father’s second wife.

Author & host: Amalia Hovhannisyan
Dress by @White_Store_Armenia
Makeup by Aga Image Studio
Hairdressing by Aga Image Studio
The shooting took place in El Chillout

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