INTERVIEW. Zhanna Butulyan about the great loss of life, love, betrayal, disappointment

Personal life, fear of serious relationships և marriage, love, betrayal, disappointment. The audience does not know much about the personal life of actress Zhanna Butulyan, she has gone through different stages, about which she spoke in Life’s “Interview” series. Janna emphasizes that she is afraid of marriage without love. “I better not get married,” she says.

Janna spoke about her decision to take her job more seriously from now on. He says he has decided to appear in projects that do not contradict his values. He referred to the news related to the conflict with Diana Grigoryan.

Author և Moderator: Amalya Hovhannisyan
Dress by @White_Store_Armenia
Makeup by Beauty Fabric
Hairstyle by Versal image studio
The shooting took place in El Chillout

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